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Best Blender for Green Smoothies

The best blender for green smoothies are many and also comes in all types of flavors. If you are looking to buy one that will give you enough of the power to make a green smoothie for a lot of people that your needs will be satisfied. But that does mean that the machine will be big and expensive. For all those who are looking for smoothies just for themselves will also find the blenders which are small cheap.

Blending is no doubt, one way we all can follow in an effort to improve the health. Not only it helps us to consume a lot of vital nutrients at once but it also fills us up reducing the chance of opting for unhealthy food choices. So without further wasting time, let us see some of the best blenders for a green smoothie.

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Series Blender

As we already know that the best blenders for making green smoothie come at a high cost. With the economy, everyone cannot afford it. That is why there is a model which works the same as Nutribullet Pro 900 series. As far as a green smoothie is concerned it does all the job outstandingly. As it also comes with a 900-watt motor which is a step up of its little brother the Nutribullet 600.

For using the blender for making the green smoothie is easy as you can imagine. You just need to fill the jar with ingredients put it on the motor base, simply push down and twist. You will feel it starting and watch the ingredients get pulverized.

To sweeten the smoothie, there is also a recipe book which is already included. So that you don’t need to go hunting for recipes as these will be enough to start with ease.

Vitamix 5200 Series Blender

If there is an award for the best blender manufacturer in the world, then Vitamix would surely give the others a good competition and challenge for their money.  Without having any question, it is so difficult to not to be impressed with the quality it is having. The Vitamix 5200 does not abandon those principles and it is the reason it is here as one of the best blenders for the green smoothie which is available in the market.

It works on a motor power of 2HP, which in turn makes the green smoothie which can never get any better. If you have ever you the cheaper blender before then you can easily get to know the difference in quality with the smoothie which you will get from this beast.

After considering its high price, it makes more sense if only those who use blenders heavily invest in this. Its high amount of motor power will guarantee that you get the quality smoothie daily and the fan which is included will keep the machine cool. If you have money and budget then is the machine in which you should invest in.

Blendtec Total Blender

Vitamix 5200 might be the best machine available out there, but you should know that there are perfect substitutes that are both offer quality and is cheaper as well. One of those is Blendtec. This is a blender which also comes in a different wide range of colors. It comes with a 3HP direct drive motor. Apart from being just more powerful than the one in the Vitamix 5200 then you will notice some of the difference in the quality of green smoothies these two can make.

The Blendtec comes with digital touchpad control which makes it easy to use. It also has some of the pre-programmed circles-which are great for beginners and helps in perfect result every time. To make your life much more easier, this machine has also come up with the user guide and a recipe book. Apart from that, you will even get a 3-year warranty on the motor base, 1-year warranty on the jar and a lifetime warranty on the blade.

Oster BVCB07-Z

Not everyone can afford a high-end Vitamix or Blendtec. But then that does not mean that there are not best blenders which available for green smoothies on the lower side.

It comes with a 600 watt of the motor which is just adequate for making a green smoothie for a few people.

For all those people who do not like noise, then let me tell you first that this blender will make some amount of time. But this is in case of every blender. Apart from the noise, this is nothing to worry about this blender. For your information, it is a blender which is having a good record for years. If you are looking for a blender that is good for making the green smoothie and is also affordable then this one is something you should consider.